Auburn Transition Program

Program Philosophy

The Auburn Transition Program is a residential treatment facility for young adults ages 18-26, who want to gain skills to become more independent.  It is a safe place for individuals to come in order to learn and practice independent living skills of all types. 

Program Goals

  • Auburn Transition ProgramLearn to live a healthy lifestyle which includes nutrition and exercise and sleep.
  • Get connected with providers to assist with the treatment of any medical or mental health issues. Finding providers will be based on your own individual needs.
  • Participate in the program. Whether it’s through formal programming or informal social activities, take advantage of the opportunity to make new friends, learn healthy relationship skills and engage in positive and fun social interactions.
  • Develop independent living skills. These include, but are not limited to:  time management, budgeting, personal hygiene, meal planning, cooking, cleaning, shopping, managing your medications, getting around town and using public transportation and interacting with community members.
  • Work on individual goals related to work or education. This might mean finding a job, working, volunteering, getting your GED or High School diploma, going to college or other training programs.  Each individual will have his or her own plans regarding these goals.
  • Challenge yourself! This is a great place to work hard and figure out what you’re good at and the things you might need some help with so that you’ll be ready for living on your own after the program.  Use this time to your advantage!