Program Description


The Greene Home is designed for three adults who exhibit symptoms of mental illness. The home is situated in a country setting with a beautiful backyard while only minutes from the cities of Auburn and Lewiston. The home is dually licensed by assisted living as well as mental health. Consumers are staffed 24-7 with 2 staff on during peak awake hours and one overnight awake staff.

Consumers in this home are active in the community. Activities include having paid jobs, volunteering, and playing sports or musical instruments. The role of the direct care staff is to help residents gain independent living skills in order to have the capability to live in their own apartments. The home is designed to help individuals grow and develop their full potential by providing positive role models for socially accepted behaviors and allowing for a positive, supportive learning environment in which individuals can gain an independent living and social skills.

Community-based mental health services include psychiatric care and therapy, as well as case management.

To make a referral for this home you may contact the Program Coordinator at (207) 777-1107.