Summit Street

Program Description

Summit Street

This two-story home is located in a residential neighborhood. The location offers a home to three consumers. The staffing is constructed based on the needs of the individuals with two staff on during peak awake hours and one overnight awake staff.

The home provides a normalized life space for each resident according to their individual needs, strengths, and desired outcomes. The staff provides validation and encouragement to clients as they progress through their designated treatment plans. They will make observations on how the client is complying and progressing. They will share these observations with the clinical and supervisory staff in order to provide the client with an effective treatment plan.

There are formal programs that are available to each resident if the service plan process identifies the need for these services. These formal services include but are not limited to, educational, medical, dental, acute care services, psychiatric, vocational, and recreational services.

To make a referral for this home you may contact the Program Coordinator at (207) 777-1107.