Whitney St. Auburn

Program Description

Whitney St. Auburn

Each home is unique to the individuals residing there. Individuals are accepted to the program based on their individual needs and their clinical compatibility with other individuals currently residing in the home. This home is constructed with male consumers that are challenged daily with mental health diagnoses.

The staffing pattern is supported and guided by the individual consumers’ treatment plan. Clinical support monitors the progress regularly as to the achievement of objectives and goals. The ultimate goal is to achieve a maximum level of independence in daily living skills.

The house staff is responsible for maintaining a normalized, home-like environment in which clients gain skills to be independent in all activities of daily living, and participate actively in age and appropriate recreational and leisure time activities to improve peer relationships and social skills.

Due to the proximity of this home, consumers have access to the community independently as able. The staff works closely with consumers to ensure community safety.

To make a referral for this home you may contact the Program Coordinator at (207) 777-1107.